2015 Earthquake Recovery – Nepal

The destruction resulting from the earthquake in April, 2015 and subsequent aftershocks was enormous. Survivors had to deal with the heartbreak of the sudden deaths of family and friends, as well as the loss of their homes and possessions, and scarcity of food, clean water and medical care.
COMPLETED: A community hall and earthquake shelter for Pharping Village!
Thanks to the generosity of many donors and the hard work of local construction crews the Community Hall in Pharping has now been completed! Below are some photos of the finished building.
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PHASE TWO Quake Relief: A community hall and earthquake shelter for Pharping Village
Although Nepal’s resilience lies in its strong social networks, meeting and organizing venues – buildings intended to accommodate groups of people – are almost non-existent in most of the country. In order to bolster community engagement and cohesiveness, Earthgarden Nepal is proposing construction of a one-story building with a large central meeting hall and adjacent office area to serve the 40,000 villagers of Pharping.

town hall will function as a shared space for community programs and during times of emergency it will provide shelter and serve as a headquarters for disaster services.

The local Pharping government has donated a large parcel of vacant land for the purpose of constructing the earthquake shelter and community hall. The future building site is adjacent to the Pharping Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home, a unique home for Nepali elders who have no other support system. This kind of facility is rare in a country where most seniors are cared for in their homes by family members.

Below are photos taken since the quake.
Site of the proposed community center
Site of the proposed community hall and earthquake shelter
The Senior Citizen Nursing Care Center
The Pharping Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home which is next to the building site
Resident of the senior care center with a member of the staff.
A nursing home resident with one of the staff
Quake survivors next to tin shelter
Quake survivors stand near a temporary tin shelter
Emergency shelters in April
Tarp shelters in a field sprung up soon after the first massive earthquake in April, 2015
Tin shelters
The next stage of temporary shelter: tin structures for the rainy season
PHASE ONE Quake Relief: Emergency shelter and food
distribution ofl tarps
Tarps for shelter are delivered to a very hard-hit community located about six hours drive north of Kathmandu
Materials for creating emergency shelters were among the most crucial supplies for the first phase of recovery. In many rural areas the majority of dwellings were completely destroyed.
Survivors in Kathmandu Valley with tin roofing materials
Residents hold a banner displaying the logos of The Sogan Foundation and Earthgarden Nepal, two organizations which are helping them recover and rebuild
The tin roofing material seen above will be used in the construction of new homes.
Food aid
TSF donations are helping to feed the survivors in several villages by funding deliveries of regional staples like rice and lentils
We are supplying the essentials: food, shelter materials, medicine and medical attention to people living in remote locations.
Quake survivors north of Kathmandu
This community is in great need of the relief supplies and services being provided to them by TSF and Earthgarden Nepal
The people in this photo live in a small village north of Kathmandu. It was ravaged by the earthquake and many residents died. A large number of those gathered here are grieving the loss of close family members.
Monastery severely damaged in quake
A small, severely damaged monastery north of Kathmandu
Chatral Rinpoche once blessed this monastery; now it is essentially destroyed. Aid workers are already helping the community formulate plans for its restoration. In the meantime however, the first priority remains securing adequate shelter, food and medical attention for residents.