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Kunsel Kyetsal Inauguration

More photos of our visit to Golok in the summer of 2007 to celebrate the inauguration of the Kunsel Kyetsal technical and science high school.
Rinpoche is escorted to the stage
At Dawu's altitude of approximately 13,000', when the summer sun shines unobstructed by clouds, its rays are bright and intense. Here we see TSF Chairman, Ven. Sogan Rinpoche being escorted by student-performers to the next event at the Kunsel Kyetsal inauguration celebration.
Rinpoche and local dignitaries
Clouds have parted and festival attendees don hats and sunglasses to make their way across the Kunsel Kyetsal campus in the midday sun. Sogan Rinpoche (c) is accompanied by the representative of the central government (l) and the governor of Golok (r).
Robert Clark, Rinpoche
Dignitaries, educators, TSF board members and others who were instrumental in the completion of Kunsel Kyetsal were introduced one at a time at the inauguration ceremony. Here, board member and translator Robert Clark waves to the crowd as his name is announced over the loud speaker.
Sogan Rinpoche spoke in Tibetan and English
TSF Chairman of the Board, Sogan Rinpoche, gives the keynote address to dignitaries, students and all who attended celebrations for the grand opening of Kunsel Kyetsal. Rinpoche addressed the large crowd in two languages: Tibetan and English.
Rinpoche speaks from his seat on the dais
Clouds played hide and seek with the sun throughout the day causing one to reach for a coat one minute and a bottle of water the next! Even on a beautiful day, at this elevation the temperature fluctuation can be quite dramatic. Here, important government officials listen to Rinpoche's speech.
Celebrating at the banquet
During a lunch break in the middle of festivities, guests of honor were escorted to a cafeteria where the tables were piled high with local delicacies, including yak meat and fresh yogurt. The students were boisterous and curious about their foreign guests.
Sogan Rinpoche
Here Ven. Sogan Rinpoche speaks with the principal of the school. Rinpoche is seated at his desk which is adorned with traditional offerings of fruit, cakes and other treats. This office is located in the new building, and was decorated with Rinpoche in mind. It will be made available to him whenever he is in Dawu.
Rinpoche with American supporters of TSF
Many gifts expressing the gratitude of the Golok Department of Education were presented to The Sogan Foundation board members and friends. Here, they model new outfits in Sogan Rinpoche's office. The traditional wool over-garment, known as a chuba, is lined with brocade and is quite warm.
Rinpoche addresses students after the festivities were completed
Kunsel Kyetsal students gathered in the campus courtyard to listen to words of wisdom and encouragement from Sogan Rinpoche. In the background is a statue of Tonmi Sambhota, the 7th century founder of the Tibetan academic and literary tradition.
Visiting a pilgrimage site
There were many sacred pilgrimage sites to visit as Sogan Rinpoche and his friends traveled across Quinghai province. Here, the pilgrims make offerings of money, katags and prostrations, hoping to gain enough merit to transcend obstacles on the path to enlightenment.
Guests from America visit Bayan monks
Traveling from Xining, the capital city of Amdo in N. E. Tibet, to Dawu, the capital of Golok prefecture, there is an elevation gain of approximately 6000 ft. Stopping to stretch their legs during the nine hour drive are board members Robert Clark and Victoria Chen, with a monk from Bayan monastery.
Gesar festival at Bayan Monastery
Bayan monks, seen here in front of one of the temples of the monastery, donned costumes to perform the King Gesar epic for Ven. Sogan Rinpoche and special guests. In keeping with centuries of tradition, many Tibetan residents of the area made their way to the monastery for the occasion.
The Gesar festival at Bayan
As head of Bayan monastery, Sogan Rinpoche is placed on a high throne to honor his esteemed wisdom and his accomplishments throughout many lifetimes dedicated to the benefit of all living beings. Rinpoche's monk/performers gather round to commemorate a precious moment.
American guests joined Rinpoche and the monks at Bayan
Feeling under-dressed, friends and board members of The Sogan Foundation were invited to join the Bayan monks in their colorful costumes for a group photo at the completion of this performance of the King Gesar epic.
Translator Robert Clark on his yak
TSF board member Robert Clark weighs his options as he mulls over modes of travel for traversing the high plains of Golok. Here we see Robert and his yak, Topden Traring, at the seventh century Shrine of the Sun and Moon near Lake Kokonor, in N.E. Tibet.

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